Planet image of Mount Yoshino in Nara Prefecture, Japan. Credit: Planet Labs

COLORADO SPRINGS – Planet unveiled a platform April 9 that merges Earth-observation datasets with Sentinel Hub cloud-based analytics and tools. The Planet Insights Platform is designed to help government and commercial customers rapidly analyze, stream and distribute data.

“This breaks down the conventional barriers to leveraging the power of Earth-observation data while laying the foundation for future cutting-edge capabilities that make it easier for our partners to build solutions and our customers to get the answers they need,” Troy Toman, Planet senior vice president of product and software engineering, said in a statement.

Planet gained Sentinel hub in 2023, when the San Francisco-based company acquired Slovenian startup Sinergise Labs.

Through the Planet Insights Platform, government and commercial customers will gain access to proprietary artificial intelligence “to create harmonized, cloud-masked and spatially consistent daily stacks of images, which enable time-series analysis and machine learning applications,” according to the news release.

The Planet Insights Platform is designed for customers focused on change detection.

“Detection AI-based models point to where development is taking place across country-wide areas, on a weekly basis,” the news release said. “This can help users clearly understand how and where the places they care most about are evolving.”

In addition, the Planet Insights Platform makes it easier to “trace the boundaries of agricultural parcels” and monitor changes in crop biomass, according to the news release.

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