Merging Earth observation remains messy, time-consuming
Planet shares information on Tanager hyperspectral constellation
Earth imagery companies reimagine satellite tasking
Planet reveals $146 million NRO award and quarterly revenues
Analysts: NRO contracts will have long-term ripple effects on satellite imagery industry
A boom in Earth observation satellites creating new demands for intelligence
Planet Pelicans to offer high resolution and revisit rates
Russian ASAT debris creating “squalls” of close approaches with satellites
Small satellite constellations promise resilient communications and Earth observation
NASA to continue buying Earth-observation datasets
SpaceX launches third dedicated smallsat rideshare mission
Space SPACs look to rebound in 2022
Planet shares begin trading on New York Stock Exchange
Space companies forge alliance to reduce in-orbit debris by 2030
Planet to acquire VanderSat in $28 million deal
Planet unveils Pelican Earth-imaging constellation
NRO establishes licenses and cybersecurity rules for commercial imagery providers
Planet co-founder Chris Boshuizen to fly with Blue Origin
Planet provides data to federal civilian agencies under NASA contract
Geospatial intelligence giving supply chain clarity in uncertain times

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