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Established in 1989, SpaceNews is the most trusted and comprehensive source of news and analysis of the companies, agencies, technologies and trends shaping the global space industry.

Space professionals rely on our experienced reporters to deliver timely, accurate and engaging coverage of civil, military and commercial space programs.

In print and on the web, SpaceNews sets the authoritative standard for independent space journalism, astute analysis and insightful commentary. Our magazine, published 12 times a year, is read by thousands of dedicated subscribers and regularly distributed at key trade shows and conferences. The award-winning website,, delivers essential coverage to a growing audience of more than 500,000 space professionals and enthusiasts. Our newsletters are essential reading for some of the biggest names in space.

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Meet our Team


Felix Magowan

Paige McCullough

Greg Thomas
Chief Technology Officer

Marc Boucher
Executive Vice President – Content

Brian Berger
Editor in Chief


Author name

Jeff Foust

Senior Staff Writer

Jeff Foust writes about space policy, commercial space, and related topics for SpaceNews. He earned a Ph.D. in planetary sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s degree with honors in geophysics and planetary science from the California Institute of Technology.

Author name

Sandra Erwin

Senior Staff Writer

Sandra Erwin writes about military space programs, policy, technology and the industry that supports this sector. She has covered the military, the Pentagon, Congress and the defense industry for nearly two decades as editor of NDIA’s National Defense Magazine and Pentagon correspondent for Real Clear Defense.

Author name

Jason Rainbow

Senior Staff Writer

Jason Rainbow writes about satellite telecom, space finance and commercial markets for SpaceNews. He has spent more than a decade covering the global space industry as a business journalist. Previously, he was Group Editor-in-Chief for Finance Information Group, including its industry publication Connectivity Business (formerly SatelliteFinance and TelecomFinance).

Advertising & Accounting

Author name

Kamal Flucker

Global Sales Director

Kamal Flucker is a Business Development Manager at SpaceNews bringing over 20 years of experience to the SpaceNews team. Over the years, Kamal has worked for and with Fortune 5 companies to local business as well as government/military agencies and nonprofits. With a plethora of notable awards, Kamal brings a depth of knowledge that is unique to his experiences. Kamal is a graduate of Howard University majoring in journalism with a concentration in advertising. Kamal enjoys traveling and fishing but more importantly spending time with his family. 

Pam Washburn

Accounting Specialist

Pam Washburn is the accounting assistant for SpaceNews. She applies payments and sends customer invoices and statements. She interacts with customers or their agencies to assist as needed, and for collection purposes.

She has worked in the accounting field for 42 years.

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