New Horizons Goes Into Safe Mode

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft suffered an anomaly July 4 that put the spacecraft into a protective safe mode less than ten days before its flyby of Pluto, but project scientists are confident the spacecraft will resume normal operations within a few days.

Alan Stern's coffee cup. Stern is the principle investigator for NASA's New Horizons mission, which launched in 2006 en route to a historic 2015 Pluto flyby. Credit: Alan Stern
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SpaceGeeks Podcast, Episode 2: There Is No ‘Dwarf Planetary Science’

In this episode of the SpaceGeeks podcast, Dan Leone catches up with New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern days ahead of the historic Pluto flyby. The former NASA science boss explains what it's like to fill in one of the last blank spaces on the map: the never-before-seen-up-close planet/dwarf planet/ice dwarf at the edge of the mysterious and enormous Kuiper belt.