Leveraging Commercial Space for Earth and Ocean Remote Sensing
Quad nations unveil satellite-based maritime monitoring initiative
NaraSpace Technology closes $7.88 million Series A for nanosatellite project
NRO plans for immediate and long-term acquisition of commercial satellite data
Orbital Insight brings Satellogic data into its platform
Kleos unveils dedicated, taskable RF monitoring missions
Planet Pelicans to offer high resolution and revisit rates
Ursa Space raises $16 million in Series C round
Acme plans 250-satellite weather data constellation
“Nothing to share”: South Korean firm turns down Ukrainian request for satellite imagery
EOS Data Analytics issues urgent plea for imagery of Ukraine
Orbital Sidekick notes growing demand for hyperspectral data
SDA seeks commercial Earth-observation data
Small satellite constellations promise resilient communications and Earth observation
Near Space Labs to offer 10-centimeter resolution imagery
Iceye raises $136 million in Series D round
NASA to continue buying Earth-observation datasets
Sony putting camera in orbit for shutterbugs, not scientists
Four NASA Earth Science missions to launch in 2022
HyspecIQ selects advisers, offering clues to early applications

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