Iceye raises $87 million in Series C investment round
SpaceNet launches new challenge with Planet dataset
Indian Earth observation startup Pixxel raises $5 million
Near Space Labs discloses prices for Texas imagery
NGA signs research and development agreement with Capella
York Space and MSU Denver extend partnership through Air Force contract
PredaSAR to send 48 satellites into initial radar constellation
LatConnect 60 selects York to build and operate satellites
Planet unveils tasking and API for expanding SkySat fleet
Raytheon wins NOAA study contract for geostationary imager
NASA taps Airbus for commercial satellite data buy
HawkEye 360 detects uptick in Italian maritime activity
Iceye to offer interferometry with small radar satellites
WorldView Legion remains on track for 2021 launch
NASA awards Planet $7 million Earth imagery contract
Planet imagery reveals source of Beijing’s ongoing pollution

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