Startup Wallaroo Labs wins Space Force contract to model performance of AI on edge devices
Op-ed | Protecting Space Assets Above to Assert Geopolitical Dominance Below
Space Development Agency experiment demonstrates on-orbit data processing
ADA Space raises $55.6 million in Series B round
Startup Cognitive Space using artificial intelligence to manage satellite operations
Microsoft and Thales work to automate satellite image processing
Op-ed | The use of AI in space systems: opportunities for mission improvement 
NASA steadily expands AI and autonomy for Mars exploration
L3Harris wins contract to apply artificial intelligence to remotely sensed data
SkyWatch and Picterra combine imagery access with AI tools
Slingshot Aerospace gets $3 million from Air Force, private investors for data analytics technology
DoD adopts new ethical principles for the use of artificial intelligence
Space agency leaders discuss ever-expanding roles for AI
Op-ed | Is AI key to the survival of satcoms?
Booz Allen Hamilton pursuing growth in military space programs
Self-driving spacecraft? The challenge of verifying AI will work as intended
Olis Robotics sees many space applications for autonomy software
AI for Earth observation and numerical weather prediction
Deloitte reports on technology forces reshaping space sector
Canada’s long-awaited space strategy emphasizes AI, EO and deep-space robotics

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