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The fifth and final European ATV made a smooth automatic docking to the international space station where it will deliver some 7,200 kilograms of food, water, fuel and supplies.
A U.S. District Court judge on Aug. 8 rejected a jury award of $283 million in damages to ViaSat Inc. in ViaSat’s patent-infringement lawsuit against satellite builder Space Systems/Loral but left...
The only two space programs that seem to be stuck in their embryonic “prestige” stage are those of North Korea and Iran.
China has clearly laid out its strategic plan for the next six to 10 years and there is little indication that it will deviate from it. 
For decades, people considered the deployment of space-based missile defense to be the stuff of science fiction. That view began to dissolve on March 23, 1983, when President Ronald Reagan announced...
Tensions notwithstanding, Russia’s Interests lie in continued participation.
After the final selection of the principal experiments to fly on NASA’s 2020 Mars Rover, consideration must be given to what else might productively be placed onboard.
Scott Whatmough was tasked with delivering what turned out to be Raytheon’s winning bid for the FAB-T program.
As cubesats prove their ability to capture imagery and gather scientific data, developers are eager to send the miniature spacecraft on increasingly complex missions, many of which require propulsion.
At least two of the six asteroids NASA has identified as candidates for redirecting to lunar orbit for astronauts to explore by 2025 will already have been probed and sampled by robotic spacecraft by...


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