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An attempt to divert ISEE-3 back to Earth was suspended due to technical issues early July 8.
Arianespace employees staged a 30-minute work stoppage to express their anxiety about the company’s future.
ULA has joined the U.S. Air Force in asking a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit by rival SpaceX.
The center will study propulsion, aeronautics and structural applications related to hypersonic flights.
Quietly, without any fuss, and largely unnoticed by managers and engineers alike, the satellite communications industry is sliding toward potential catastrophe.
In the 21st century more Asian states are showing an interest in making investments toward acquiring space assets.
The surprise primary defeat of Eric Cantor has raised new questions about the future of the Ex-Im Bank.
Just when it began to look as though Congress would actually pass a budget in time for the start of the fiscal year ahead, politics as usual once again has intervened.
Prokhorov's focus is on his company’s plans to deploy Ka-band services in Russia, and more immediately its recovery from a series of satellite losses, at launch and in orbit, that weighed on RSCC’s...
Orion has now been outfitted with a heat shield and attached to a structural service module in preparation for a test flight in December. 


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