JWST entering “home stretch” of commissioning
NASA completes alignment of JWST mirrors
First JWST images show mirror alignment going as planned
JWST arrives at final orbit
NASA completes major JWST deployments
JWST sunshield fully deployed
JWST begins sunshield tensioning
NASA takes break in JWST deployment after extending sunshield
JWST begins sunshield deployment
Ariane 5 launches NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope
JWST launch marks only the start of a risky deployment process
Weather bumps JWST launch to Christmas Day
JWST launch rescheduled for Dec. 24
Communications problem delays JWST launch
JWST undamaged from payload processing incident
JWST launch slips after payload processing incident
JWST launch preparations on track
NASA defends decision to retain JWST name
Pandemic causes delay and cost increase for NASA’s Roman Space Telescope
JWST gets mid-December launch date

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