International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight


The symposium is a dialog between the speakers and audience. Together we capture the growth, diversification and momentum of the commercial space industry at the time of the conference. Short powerful talks capture direction of the sectors focused…

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2015 Jim Green The Martian
RS-25 test August 2018
Europa lander
Delta 4 Heavy PSP launch
Blue Moon
Rocket Lab's Electron small-satellite launcher didn’t make orbit in its May 2017 debut but a second launch in January orbited cubesats for Planet and Spire. Credit: Rocket Lab
Thomas Zuburchen, NASA gives the keynote address Aug. 6 at the Small Satellite Conference at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. (Keith Johnson for SpaceNews)
Commercial crew astros
Starliner and Crew Dragon
The telescope’s combined science instruments and optical element exits the massive thermal vacuum testing chamber after about 100 days of cryogenic testing inside it. Scientists and engineers at Johnson Space Center put JWST through a series of tests designed to ensure the telescope functioned as expected in an extremely cold, airless environment akin to that of space. Credit: NASA
A bold, national undertaking such as a manned Mars mission might be just the shot in the arm the U.S. economy needs.

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