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As cubesats prove their ability to capture imagery and gather scientific data, developers are eager to send the miniature spacecraft on increasingly complex missions, many of which require propulsion.
At least two of the six asteroids NASA has identified as candidates for redirecting to lunar orbit for astronauts to explore by 2025 will already have been probed and sampled by robotic spacecraft by...
Additive manufacturing, a trendy technique also known as three-dimensional printing, probably will not spark an in-space manufacturing revolution any time soon.
Adapting ESA's ATV into a service module for NASA’s Orion deep-space capsule is threatening to push the craft’s first mission to lunar space beyond its notional December 2017 launch date.
The cost savings potential of replacing the U.S. Air Force’s current fleet of satellites with all-electric versions apparently has piqued the service’s interest.
The Goddard Satellite Servicing Office is converting its clean room for a ground-based satellite refueling demo.
MDA has awarded Lockheed Martin  a $124 million fixed-price contract to provide ground components for THAAD.
Moog is developing a Modular Propulsion System for satellites weighing 180 to 500 kilograms.
Texas is providing about $15 million in funds to support spaceport development.
The satellite is expected to launch in summer 2015.


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