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The upcoming launch of NASA’s first Orion spacecraft requires the use of commercial launch and re-entry licenses and risk levels several times higher than normally allowed.
NASA has lifted an order that halted work on commercial crew contracts awarded last month to Boeing and SpaceX, saying that delaying work during an ongoing contract protest could jeopardize the...
The decision is likely to tip Europe's position at the International Telecommunication Union as it prepares for the World Radiocommunication Conference in late 2015.
The inspector general found no major issues with the process used in the Astrophysics, Earth Science and Heliophysics divisions.
The U.S. jamming was often the subject of Cuban protests at the International Telecommunication Union.
Harris’ Network and Space Operations and Maintenance Contract is one of several being eyed for consolidation as the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center copes with shrinking budgets.
NASA is examining adding a habitation module to the agency’s proposed Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) that would allow astronauts to stay at the asteroid for several additional weeks.
The one-hour delay will give Arianespace enough time to collate data from satellite tracking stations to determine their exact position.
Orbital has delayed launch of its third paid cargo mission to the international space station to Oct. 24 from Oct. 20.
Designers of a proposed NASA mission to study the icy and potentially habitable Jupiter moon of Europa have decided to use solar panels rather than a nuclear power source for the spacecraft, while...


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