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A plan by Space Exploration Technologies Corp. to build a privately owned launch site just north of the U.S.-Mexico border near Brownsville, Texas, passed a key environmental review.
Boeing will build the Intelsat 35e high-throughput telecommunications satellite scheduled for launch in 2017.
Iridium has cleared the first of what will be multiple hurdles to winning approval from maritime regulators to provide GMDSS services.
Heat shields for Europe’s 2016 ExoMars mission to deliver a telecommunications orbiter have been completed.
India’s Department of Space will receive 72 billion rupees for the 2014-15 fiscal year.
A Soyuz rocket placed four O3b Networks Ka-band broadband satellites into their unusual medium Earth orbit in the second of three planned four-satellite launches for the company.
Eumetsat has received an initial approval for its next-generation polar-orbiting satellite system.
Eumetsat and the European Commission 8 said they expected to reach agreement on financing a long-delayed U.S-French ocean-altimetry satellite by October.
The mission is now expected to cost ESA about 1.2 billion euros.
GenCorp said the failure of an AJ-26 engine during a test firing in May cost the company $13.5 million in lost sales and higher costs for the six months ending May 31.


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