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Dream Chaser cannot do all that the original shuttle did, but it can perform the shuttle’s single most important task of transporting crews to the ISS and returning them to a safe and dry landing on...
Organizers of the recent 17th annual SMD Symposium were appropriately embarrassed and apologetic after reporters there were treated more like intruders than guests by overzealous security personnel.
ESA received a large and well-deserved dose of satisfaction when Rosetta finally arrived within striking distance of its destination.
The past year has been rough for commercial launch services provider International Launch Services. 
A government-industry board of inquiry into the Aug. 22 failure of a Europeanized Russian Soyuz rocket to correctly orbit two European Galileo navigation satellites is scheduled to present its...
Both are setting up similar, privately owned capabilities to tap what they see as an emerging market to sell orbital data to government and commercial customers.
HatchBasket is designed to fit in the hatchway of Orbital Sciences’ enhanced Cygnus cargo module.
A pair of international Earth observing spacecraft will now launch six months later than planned because of a roughly $200 million cost overrun on NASA’s IceSat-2.
The so-called decadal surveys that set priorities for NASA’s $5 billion-per-year science portfolio are the science community’s best chance to influence the internal White House budget negotiations...
NASA picked up a two-year, $172.8 million option on Jacobs Technology’s Test and Operations Support Contract.


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