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ViaSat, saying its Exede service in the United States is already penetrating urban markets once thought impossible for satellites, views its addressable market as including “tens of millions” of U.S...
The U.S. Senate passed a short-term funding bill for the federal government Sept. 18, one day after the House of Representatives passed the same bill.
Exelis Geospatial Systems has finally shipped the troublesome navigation payload whose developmental hiccups have delayed the first launch of GPS 3.
The House passed a short-term funding bill for the federal government, but a key member said that action on two bills on space topics would be deferred to the next Congress.
French-China cooperation in space-based astronomy and biomedical research has been slowed by the U.S. government’s continued redefining of what is and what is not allowed for export to China.
ULA will pay Blue Origin an unspecified sum to complete development of a new engine that will replace the Russian-made RD-180 that powers the first stage of ULA’s Atlas 5 rocket.
The Federal Aviation Administration issued a commercial spaceport license Sept. 17 to an airport in Midland, Texas, the first such license issued to a facility that also hosts commercial passenger...
Iridium’s request that U.S. regulators loosen requirements for deorbiting the current Iridium satellite constellation will still permit the company to bring down all of its satellites within a few...
Surprised by how lopsided NASA’s Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) awards were yesterday? You shouldn’t be.
NASA awarded contracts worth $6.8 billion to Boeing and SpaceX to develop commercial crew transportation systems.


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