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A long-running debate between the White House and Congress about funding levels and prioritization of NASA programs entered a new phase last week after a major cost and schedule review concluded the...
NASA approved extensions for all seven missions that were vetted by senior scientists in the agency’s 2014 senior review of operating planetary science missions.
The U.S. Air Force has finished renegotiating its contract with Raytheon for the ground system for GPS 3 satellites.
EFS said its DeOrbiter could salvage the European Galileo satellites in a useless orbit after a failure of a Europeanized Soyuz rocket’s Fregat upper stage.
The U.S. Defense Department will extend its close debris-threat monitoring to two European polar-orbiting meteorological satellites under an agreement.
Satellite fleet operator SES of Luxembourg’s Brazilian affiliate has promised Brazil’s telecommunications regulator that the two orbital positions SES won at auction in May will be filled with...
The Italian government’s has committed another 66.6 million euros to the design of a second-generation Cosmo-SkyMed radar satellite system.
Two key House members argued that NASA and the Obama administration were not adequately funding the program.
NASA’s Space Launch System heavy-lift rocket may not be ready for its first launch until November 2018, nearly a year later than previously scheduled, based on the assessment of a major cost and...
TRMM's fuel supply is depleted past the point where orbit-boosting maneuvers are practical.


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