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The explosion of an Orbital Sciences Corp. Antares rocket seconds after liftoff Oct. 28 will likely have a modest near-term effect on NASA and international space station operations, but a far...
A provision in the pending defense authorization bill that ultimately would ban the use of Russian-built engines in launching U.S. national security satellites is expected to be the subject of debate...
Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo suborbital spaceplane suffered an in-flight anomaly during its first rocket-powered test flight in nearly nine months on Oct. 31.
Thales Alenia Space, hoping to expand its share of the growing global market among developing nations for high-resolution Earth observation satellites, has agreed to invest 8 million euros in a new...
A Houston startup established by a former NASA official is developing a small vehicle to return experiments from the international space station that could be ready for flight by late 2016.
SES reduced its expected revenue performance for 2014, saying that it is now suffering the full effects of U.S. Defense Department budget pressures.
International regulators adopted a resolution designed to accelerate the introduction of satellite technology for commercial aircraft tracking, a subject that, while ostensibly noncontroversial, was...
U.S. Strategic Command and the European Space Agency  will share space situational awareness data, the organizations announced Oct. 30.
Canada’s seeming vacillation as to how to advance the nation’s specialty in space-based robotics was in part responsible for MDAy’s purchase of SSL.
These officials said their 40-strong engineering team preparing the IXV for a mid-November launch aboard a European Vega had worked nights and weekends to make the November date.


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