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Richard Binzel warned SBAG members that embracing ARM meant risking their credibility in the eyes the lawmakers who control NASA’s purse strings.
The U.S. Air Force’s rapid response military space office will ask the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory to design and build a satellite to bridge a potential gap in on-orbit...
ETL Systems said it is doubling the size of its U.K. headquarters and increasing staff by 25 percent.
DigitalGlobe said business from Russia, one of its biggest emerging-market customers, had collapsed because of the Ukrainian crisis but will be more than matched by growth in India, the Middle East,...
World View Enterprises has selected three research payloads to carry aloft during flight tests planned for later this year.
NRO is buying intelligence satellites at a faster rate than necessary and could save billions of dollars in the next decade by scaling back orders.
NASA has budgeted about $130 million for a seven-instrument science payload.
MDA Corp. said the Canadian government’s uniquely strong reaction to Russia’s incursion into Ukraine is depriving the company of around 50 million Canadian dollars in annual business building...
Eutelsat said capital investment for each of the coming three years would be capped at 500 million euros.
Eric Stallmer will leave his position as vice president of government affairs at Analytical Graphics Inc. in late August to become president of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation.


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