OneWeb constellation infographic
OneWeb intends to cover the Earth with a constellation of 700 low-Earth-orbiting smallsats built by Airbus Defence and Space. Credit: Airbus video still

Airbus Defence and Space released this brief animation during the 2015 Paris Air Show to introduce OneWeb and its plan to deploy 648 low-Earth-orbiting smallsats to provide a global broadband Internet service.

Airbus made what some industry officials characterized as a surprisingly focused and aggressive effort to win the OneWeb satellite deal it announced Monday (June 15).

Airbus reportedly emphasized its background in aviation to demonstrate it has the ability to build large numbers of spacecraft. All but the first 10 of the 150-kilograms will be made at a dedicated (but yet-to-be-announced) facility in the United States.

Monday’s announcement, however, falls short of a formal contract, and financing of the deal is unknown.

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