Nicolas Chamussy, Airbus Defence and Space’s executive vice president of space systems, said building the OneWeb satellites required a complete rethink of how to design a satellite with an emphasis on repeatability. Credit: OneWeb Satellites
Skynet 5 Airbus
Enders IAC
Orion service module
Nicolas Chamussy Airbus
Descartes Labs added imagery from Airbus OneAtlas catalog to the platform it is developing for  global-scale predictive analytics. The Airbus catalog offers 50-centimeters-per-pixel imagery for the largest 2,600 cities. This is an Airbus image of Toulouse, France. Credit: Descartes Labs
Eutelsat HotBird Hot Bird
Telesat SSTL LEO
Mars ascent vehicle
Airbus-Planet signature
Earth ocean pacific
Sentinel-5P ESA Copernicus
ESA Director General Johann-Dietrich Woerner, second from left visits Ruag  in March. Credit: Ruag via Twitter
Ariane 5 Arianespace VA237

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