The FCC has been an active player in space policy in recent weeks. Its approval of Ligado’s 5G system came despite warnings by the Defense Department and others that the system will interfere with GPS signals. The FCC also considered stringent new orbital debris regulations that prompted criticism from industry and some members of Congress. Those efforts raise broader questions about how the FCC, an independent agency, fits into space policy efforts by the administration and Congress.

SpaceNews staff writers Jeff Foust and Caleb Henry lead the discussion with a panel of experts.


Among the questions the webinar explored:

  • What’s next for Ligado after its FCC approval?
  • What options are there for those who oppose it?
  • Is the FCC the right agency to be creating orbital debris regulations?
  • What are the roles for other agencies, and for Congress?
  • Is there sufficient coordination on these and other space policy issues between the FCC and other agencies?
  • Should the FCC be added to the National Space Council?


Jennifer A. Manner
Echostar/Hughes, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

Moriba Jah
Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics at The University of Texas at Austin

Carlos Nalda
LMI Advisors, Managing Principal