Report: Ligado’s wireless network will interfere with Iridium and some GPS services
FCC to set five-year deadline for deorbiting LEO satellites
NASA outlines concerns about Starlink next-generation constellation in FCC letter
Connecting the Dots | Getting satellite regulation up to speed
Connecting the Dots | Addressing the V-band disconnect
Satellite operators criticize “extreme” megaconstellation filings
Astra says focus is on launch as it files application for satellite constellation
Astra files FCC application for 13,600-satellite constellation
Report calls on government agencies to better coordinate spectrum
Op-Ed | Who wants to step up to a $10 billion risk?
Lynk files FCC license application for initial direct-to-cellphone satellite system
SpaceX outlines first orbital Starship test flight
FCC approves Starlink license modification
SpaceX and OneWeb spar over satellite close approach
FCC proposes to allocate spectrum for commercial launches
Umbra advertises SAR imagery with 15-centimeter resolution
FCC C-band auction raised nearly $81 billion so far
OneWeb slashes size of future satellite constellation
FCC grants permission for polar launch of Starlink satellites
Viasat asks FCC to perform environmental review of Starlink

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