FCC Ajit Pai
Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas). Credit: Courtesy of Rep. Johnson
Hurricane Sandy turned west in 2012 before making landfall in New Jersey. Without microwave sensor data, forecasters would have called for the storm to make landfall 24 hours later than it did and to strike Maine. Credit: National Weather Service
SARGE launch
Swarm Technologies
Kalpak Gude
Swarm Technologies
SES-15 Boeing Arianespace
Intelsat-36 SSL
A NASA artist's concept depicts satellites and debris orbiting Earth. Credit: NASA graphic
Credit: FCC
70% of all catalogued objects are in low Earth orbit, as of Oct. 4, 2008, which extends to 2000 km above the Earth's surface. Note: The debris field shown in the image is an artist's impression based on actual data. However, the debris objects are shown at an exaggerated size to make them visible at the scale shown. Credit: ESA
C-Band Alliance
ABS-3A satellite. Credit: Boeing artist's concept
C-Band Alliance

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