Saint-Hubert, Quebec, May 28, 2001 – From June 18-22, 2001, the Canadian
Space Agency will be host to i-SAIRAS 2001, the Sixth International
Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation in Space, a
meeting of the world’s foremost experts and organizations in these leading
edge space applications.

A record number of participants from the scientific community, space
industry and academia will attend i-SAIRAS 2001 at the Conference Centre of
the Canadian Space Agency, in Saint-Hubert, Québec. The Symposium will be a
forum for discussion that will showcase new ideas and ground breaking
research and development in artificial intelligence, robotics and automation
in space.

“This is a crucial time for artificial intelligence and robotics in space in
Canada,” said Mac Evans, President of the Canadian Space Agency. “Canadarm2
is playing a major role in the assembly and maintenance of the International
Space Station, and it will be essential in transporting astronauts as well
as scientific payloads across the orbiting lab. Along with Canada’s space
industry we are also playing a key role in developing innovative
technologies that will explore planets and the moon, technologies that will
have a positive impact on Canadians and all humanity.”

i-SAIRAS 2001 will build on discussions and ideas developed in five previous
symposiums held in Noordwijk, The Netherlands (1999), Tokyo, Japan (1997),
Pasadena, USA (1994), Toulouse, France (1992) and Kobe, Japan (1990). The
program will include plenary sessions and presentations that are open to the
media. Exhibits of space industry and robotics demonstrations will also be

The symposium is organized by the Canadian Space Agency in collaboration
with the Italian Space Agency (ASL, Italy), the French National Space Agency
(CNES, France), the German Aerospace Centre (DLR, Germany), the European
Space Agency (ESA), the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS,
Japan), the National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL, Japan), the National
Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA, USA), the National Space
Development Agency, (NASDA, Japan). Key sponsors are MD Robotics and EMS

Sixth International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and
Automation in Space ( )

Members of the scientific community, space industry and academia

June 18-22, 2001

Canadian Space Agency, 6767 route de l’Aéroport, Saint-Hubert, Quebec

For more information, contact:
André Leclair
Senior Communications Officer
Canadian Space Agency
Telephone: (450) 926-4370