Satellites key to Canada’s Arctic surveillance strategy
Canada joins U.S. in ASAT testing ban
Canada’s answer to Space Force
Canada answers Ukraine’s call for satellite radar imagery 
Japan wants a JAXA astronaut to be first “non-American” to join a NASA lunar landing
JWST launch slips to November
Companies and government agencies announce plans for lunar rover projects
Canada budgets for next-generation EO satellites and ground systems
Op-ed | Canada’s space sector set for a relaunch
Telesat and Loral to form Canadian public company
GHGSat unveils free global methane map
Loft Orbital to fly Canadian quantum communications satellite
MDA to build robotic arm for lunar Gateway
Canadian government pledges $521 million for Telesat LEO constellation
Canada mulls accelerated schedule to keep pace with NASA’s 2024 moon goal
Canada pledges additional support for LEO broadband satellites
Canada becomes first nation to formally commit to NASA’s lunar Gateway
Canada not sold on U.S-led lunar Gateway despite NASA boss’ direct pitch
Canada seeks buy-in for access to U.S. MUOS satellite system
Keeping Canada in space

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