Go-ahead contract finally signed for Electra all-electric satellite platform
OHB Hits Snags on Telecom Satellites
OHB Revenue Down as Fresh Galileo Satellite Order Weighed
OHB Revenue, Profit up Sharply on Satellite Work
Manfred Fuchs, 75, Partnered with Wife To Make OHB Europe’s Third Biggest Space Prime
Airbus Bests Thales Alenia-OHB Team for Billion-dollar ESA Weather Satellite Contract
Military Quarterly | European Space Agency, OHB Blamed for Galileo Delays; Financial Penalties Forthcoming
SES Partners with European Space Agency, OHB To Build All-electric Satellite

OHB Taps Astrium To Build a German Radar Satellite and Launch it on a SpaceX Falcon 9


The contract also includes the launch of the satellite aboard a Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) Falcon 9 rocket as part of a longstanding launch reservation Astrium had with SpaceX.

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OHB Expects To Know About Galileo Delivery Dates by Late September

OHB Signs Contract for Germany’s Next-gen Radar Satellites


OHB AG of Germany on July 2 said it has signed a $1.1 billion contract with the German defense procurement agency for the three-satellite SARah radar reconnaissance system.

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OHB, Astrium To Share Work on German Radar Satellites


The German parliament is scheduled to meet the week of June 24 to approve a billion-dollar second-generation radar reconnaissance satellite system, with spacecraft to be provided by both of Germany’s satellite prime contractors and launches by SpaceX.

AstriumGermanyMilitary SpaceMissionsOHB
OHB Finalizes Contract for European Data-relay Satellite
With First Galileo Satellite Finally Shipped for Testing, OHB’s 2013 Outlook Improves
Galileo, Meteosat Drive Double-digit Growth at OHB

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