European spaceport boom could benefit industry
NBN gets praise for Sky Muster data plans • OHB revenues on the rise • U.S. pay-TV subs in decline
Satellites for Intelsat, European lasercomm launch on Arianespace rocket
Prototype Ariane 6 carbon-composite upper stage gets ESA funding
IAI to partner with OHB on lunar delivery services
OHB System to sign PLATO construction contract in June
Germany picks Ariane 5 for Heinrich Hertz launch
Humble origins drives OHB support for Europe’s space startup scene
Germany’s long-awaited Heinrich Hertz satellite now expected to launch in 2021
OHB narrowly misses 2016 revenue goals, holds bar higher for 2017
Luxembourgian minister unwilling to let ESA asteroid mission die without a fight
European Soyuz launches SmallGEO satellite for Hispasat
OHB aims to cut SmallGEO production time to three years
Rash of Galileo clock failures cast doubt on timing of upcoming launches
OHB, still growing, focused on German, European government hardware programs

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