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Escaping Gravity and the struggle to reshape NASA
VIDEO | Lori Garver Calls Link between Orion and Mars “Disingenuous”
Garver: NASA Should Cancel SLS and Mars 2020 Rover

Letter | NASA Shouldn’t Replace Garver


We only need one director of NASA, and that is Charles Bolden.

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With Garver’s Departure, NASA Loses Strong Change Advocate
Exit Interview | A Brief Conversation with Outgoing NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver

Five Reactions to NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver’s Announced Departure


Elon Musk, Space Exploration Technologies Corp. founder and CEO, in an email to SpaceNews

“Lori made a real difference to the future of spaceflight. Most people put their career first, so they pla…

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SN Blog | Who Will Replace Lori Garver as NASA’s No. 2?


With Lori Garver’s plans to leave NASA come Sept. 6 now official, speculation naturally turns to who -- if anybody -- will replace her as NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden’s deputy.

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Lori Garver Leaving NASA for Air Line Pilots Association
Garver: Show Women Value of Science Careers To Boost Ranks at NASA
NASA’s Garver Floats Idea of Capturing Larger Asteroid
Garver: House Bill Only ‘Beginning of the Debate’ on Asteroid Mission
Garver Defends NASA’s Commercial Programs
Garver: Fomenting Commercial Spaceflight Industry is a Top NASA Priority
Garver: Funding Cut Would Only Delay Commercial Crew Effort
Garver Puts Price on Cutting Crew Program
Garver’s CCDev Pitch: Pay Americans Now or Russians Later []
Garver Declares Stalemate Over [Huntsville Times]
Garver: NASA Must Evolve the Way It Works with the Private Sector

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