Elon Musk, Space Exploration Technologies Corp. founder and CEO, in an email to SpaceNews

“Lori made a real difference to the future of spaceflight. Most people put their career first, so they play politics and pander to the vested interests. But there are some who truly care about humanity’s future in space and will do the right thing in the face of immense opposition. We are fortunate to have several such people in NASA senior leadership and Lori was one of them.”

Peter Diamandis, X PRIZE Foundation chairman and CEO, in an email to SpaceNews

“Lori has been one of the most important forces for supporting commercial space during the past decade. Her leadership has been critical to the entire commercial spaceflight industry. Her impact will be felt for decades to come.”

Commercial Spaceflight Federation President Michael Lopez-Alegria, in a press release

“Throughout her years of service and leadership at NASA, Lori Garver has been a stalwart champion of commercial space and of the public-private partnerships that have begun to change the way the Agency does business. The innovations she promoted will serve the Agency well as it navigates a period of change and challenge. We will miss Lori in the space community and wish her the best as she sets a new course for herself. I know she will continue to be a leader and role model in all of her future endeavors.”

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, in a press release

“I have had the pleasure and honor of working side by side with Lori for the past four years, as we sought to position the agency for 21st century spaceflight, scientific discovery and deep space exploration. She has been an indispensable partner in our efforts to keep NASA on a trajectory of progress and innovation. In a time of great change and challenge, she has been a remarkable leader who has consistently shown great vision and commitment to NASA and the aerospace industry. “Lori has led the way on so many of the Obama Administration’s space priorities, including our commercial crew and cargo program, the re-establishment of a space technology mission directorate, our use of challenges and prizes, and our unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. As one of only a few top women leaders in the aerospace industry, she has been an extraordinary role model for young girls, inspiring them to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and pursue their dreams in space and here on Earth. “Lori will always be a great friend to me and to our agency.”

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Director John Holdren, in a press release

“Lori Garver has worked tirelessly in support of this administration’s aerospace priorities, from human space exploration and technology development to Earth science and aeronautics research. She ensured that U.S. taxpayers were getting the most for their money from NASA with innovative public-private partnerships in space and on Earth, and her focus on getting more women and other underrepresented groups engaged in science, technology, engineering, and math was just as important. On behalf of President Obama, as well as myself, I want to thank Lori for her leadership, dedication, and work on behalf of the American people, and wish her all the best in future endeavors.”