The article about Lori Garver’s departure as NASA deputy administrator [“With Garver’s Departure, NASA Loses Strong Change Advocate,” Aug. 12, page 6] deserves comment.

Ms. Garver was given the position of deputy director because of her service to Barack Obama in his presidential campaign. It is obvious she is an enthusiastic advocate for NASA’s endeavors, but I do not believe she should be replaced. 

We only need one director of NASA, and that is Charles Bolden. If Mr. Bolden thinks he needs an associate director, let him appoint one.

None of the candidates listed for the position appears especially qualified, with the possible exception of Dave Radzanowski, who already has the appropriate title of NASA chief of staff. 

“Too many cooks spoil the broth,” and that appears to be a part of the problem with NASA: too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

Dale Lawrence Jensen

Lawndale, Calif.