In front of a military audience, Bezos touts investments in rockets, launch facilities
Hyten: U.S. needs plan to modernize space launch infrastructure
Air Force close to selecting next-generation launch vehicles
Air Force aims for reliable launch services in spite of dramatic changes in commercial, military space
Industry warns of launch vehicle glut
Astra Space preparing for suborbital test launch
SpaceX launches reused Dragon to ISS
Air Force stakes future on privately funded launch vehicles. Will the gamble pay off?
Hyten: To keep edge in space, military needs cheaper launch costs, faster satellite development
Pentagon budget funds ‘small launch services’ to gain greater access to space
DARPA planning responsive launch competition
Military certification the next big test for Falcon Heavy
SpaceX and ULA poised to face off in the next round of military launch competition
To stay competitive in the launch business, ULA courts commercial customers
Air Force missile-warning command center makes contact with new SBIRS satellite
New U.S. missile-warning satellite set for launch at Cape Canaveral

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