Power loss halves Eutelsat 5 West B capacity, hosted payload spared
Arianespace launches Eutelsat, ISRO satellites on first 2020 mission
Eutelsat OK with FCC’s C-band auction plan provided satellite operator costs are covered 
Satellite operators lose battle for private C-band auction worth billions
C-Band Alliance says it would send billions to U.S. treasury under private spectrum auction
Eutelsat planning layoffs, hiring freeze to rein in spending
House lawmakers, with legislation in tow, push for public C-band auction
Eutelsat places satellite order with Thales Alenia Space, Gogo an anchor customer
Eutelsat kickstarts IoT business with GEO Ku-band service
Solar array issue jeopardizes new Eutelsat satellite
Northrop Grumman’s satellite servicer MEV-1, Eutelsat satellite, launch on ILS Proton
Eutelsat taps Loft Orbital, AAC Clyde to lay cornerstone for ELO constellation
Eutelsat: We quit the C-Band Alliance because our voice wasn’t heard
Eutelsat leaves C-Band Alliance as spectrum decision looms
Eutelsat CEO: Quantum satellite delayed, C-Band Alliance divided on treasury contribution

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