European Rover Challenge
Spanish startup PLD Space gears up for 2022 suborbital launch
European space industry alarmed by Russian ASAT test
Germany’s launch startups race to grow their launch manifests
Eutelsat buys a quarter of OneWeb to get a LEO broadband growth engine
Celestia eyes larger stake in ground segment market
Portugal mulls Atlantic-focused constellation
European spaceport boom could benefit industry
EU could agree on new regulation for space program by May
PLD Space raises additional $10 million for reusable smallsat launchers
Eutelsat pivots for competition with Viasat on European broadband
Europe’s space workforce: Same age, less crisis
Op-ed | In space, no one is powerful enough to boldly go alone
Wall Street analysts balk at Viasat-Eutelsat split on European broadband
Europe making a 3D map of the stars using Gaia
Ukraine parlays SES telecom deal into closer ties with Luxembourg
U.K. space agency chief hopeful for ‘continued cooperation’ with Europe after Brexit
Satellite operators working to attract military business
Luxembourg eyes Earth-observation satellite for military and government
U.K. military seeks to ride wave of commercial space innovation

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