U.K. military seeks to ride wave of commercial space innovation
Humble origins drives OHB support for Europe’s space startup scene
Smallsat market forecast to exceed $30 billion in coming decade
Lithuanian nano-spacecraft industry player obtains 3.2M euros to commercialize propulsion system, performs successful in-orbit test
Launch of space-debris-removal experiment delayed amid safety reviews
At London SSA conference, calls for paradigm shift in space situational awareness
Experts call for legislation and improved tracking to deal with orbital debris
Poland unveils new space strategy, eyes space spending hike
Brunet: EC Should Have Hand in Designing Europe’s Next-gen Rocket
Successful Galileo Launch Paves Way for Service Debut
France, Germany Pressing Ahead with Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Satellite
Europe Investing in Galileo User Equipment to Prime Market
U.K. Agrees to Liability Cap for Satellite Operators
The World According to Spire’s CEO
A European Space Surveillance Network Inches Forward
Op-ed | Why Europe’s Space Rationale is Autonomy, Not Leadership
Eumetsat Disputes U.S. Air Force Claim that It Reversed Itself on Indian Ocean Coverage
Desire for Competitive Ariane 6 Nudges ESA Toward Compromise in Funding Dispute with Contractor
ESA, Industry at Odds over Ariane 6 Funding Responsibilities
Aging Meteosat-7 Is Latest in Series of Eumetsat Craft Covering Indian Ocean Region

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