ESA, Industry at Odds over Ariane 6 Funding Responsibilities
Aging Meteosat-7 Is Latest in Series of Eumetsat Craft Covering Indian Ocean Region
Rosetta Survives Close Encounter with Comet Debris
QinetiQ To Provide Key Electronics for ESA In-orbit Demonstrators
European Commission Likely To Commit to up to Six More Galileo Craft
Op-ed | To Beat SpaceX at ‘Simon Says,’ Europe Must Change
Three-way Agreement Extends EDRS Commitment Beyond 2020
Italy’s e-Geos Wins Contract For Copernicus Imagery
Op-ed | Increased Competition Will Challenge ESA’s Space Authority
Europe’s Latest Space Technology Stimulus Left Contractors Cold
Germany To Invest in French Recon Satellite for Access to Full Constellation
UK Wants EU To Lead, But Not Sign, Space Conduct Negotiations
Europe Tired of Playing ‘Simon Says’ with SpaceX
Data-relay Project Exemplifies Uneasy Relationship Between European Commission and ESA
European Satellites Still Heavily Dependent on U.S. Parts
European Commission Facing Decisions on Copernicus, Galileo Funding

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