BREMEN, Germany —  Spire Global, a space-based data and services firm, has launched a web-based app designed to simplify satellite constellation operations for its customers.

The Constellation Management Platform, unveiled at Space Tech Expo Europe here in Bremen, Nov. 14, will provide customers with a simplified and user-friendly interface for managing satellite operations, according to the company.

The mission operation-as-a-service platform is presented as an innovation in Space Services, Spire’s offering of end-to-end solutions to customers. Space Services allows customers to build, launch and operate their own satellite constellation for a flat monthly fee. 

The new Constellation Management Platform service supports a range of use cases. These include Earth observation, connectivity, radio frequency intelligence, and space domain awareness. Spire says the service will enhance overall flexibility and make satellite management more accessible.

“Satellites never sleep. You build and launch a satellite once, but then you have to operate it and communicate with it thousands of times over its lifetime,” said Frank Frulio, general manager of Space Services at Spire, in a press statement. 

“Typically, you need an army of experts to do that, but we’ve simplified space so that anyone can easily manage satellites and gain insights from space to give their business a competitive edge — such as helping insurance companies build products that safeguard against climate change variables and providing utilities companies with accurate, real-time data for remote forestry management.”

The web-based application was developed with the assistance of a €1.5 million award from the European Space Agency (ESA) under its Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) Core Competitiveness Program. Additional support came from Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA).

The application will be available to customers that build, launch and operate satellites with Spire’s Space Services. It will also be available to those looking to simplify and optimize operations of an existing constellation.

Idris Habbassi, head of product and strategy of Space Services at Spire, said during a product launch event that the platform is currently being tested by a customer but it will continue to be developed.

“Between now and the end of December 2024, we will continue to develop this tool because we’re right now in a contract with ESA for the development of this tool. We have many features that will be developed between now and December 2024.”

Spire is headquartered in Virginia with a presence in Scotland. Its manufacturing facilities in Glasgow are building greenhouse gas monitoring satellites for GHGSat. Spire also operates a constellation of more than 100 LEMUR cubesats.

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