New ESA director general outlines priorities
ESA, CNSA heads discuss future space plans
ESA awards €10.45 million to two UK launch startups
‘Parastronaut’ sought as ESA recruits its first new astronauts in more than a decade
Airbus awarded €650 million contract to build three more Orion service modules
ESA and EU mend relations
Airbus, Thales win second-generation Galileo satellite contracts
ESA director general to retire early
Thales Alenia Space given €296 million contract to build European Gateway module
Brexit deal allows UK to continue participation in Copernicus
ESA Clean Space tackles space junk one component at a time
Investigation confirms improperly connected cables caused Vega launch failure
New ESA director general sees EU relations and commercialization as priorities
€167 million Space Rider contract funds construction of Europe’s first orbital spaceplane
ESA signs contract for first space debris removal mission

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