Arianespace Ariane 5 ES Galileo
ESA Sentinel 5P Copernicus
Vega-E Avio ESA
Sentinel-5P/Airbus DS Stevenage
SkySat Paris image
A cubesat-sized Ice Cubes experiment container showed inside a mockup of Europe's Columbus ISS module. Credit: ESA
Laurent Pambaguian, European Space Agency materials technology engineer, say ESA is exploring a variety of manufacturing processes in addition to additive manufacturing. Credit: ESA
“A Moon Village,”  ESA director-general Johann-Dietrich Woerner said in 2015 “shouldn’t just mean some houses, a church and a town hall.” It could be beacon of international and even commercial cooperation. Credit: ESA artist's concept of a lunar outpost
An ESA artist's concept of a Rockot launcher carrying the Sentinel-5P Earth-observation satellite to orbit. Credit: ESA
Ariane_62_in_flight Ariane 62
Airbus said the ground segment demonstrator would be based on the Newtec Dialog technology developed by Belgian company Newtec and will be installed at the Airbus site in Toulouse, Frence. The two-year contract also includes further developments to improve the Newtec technology. Credit: Airbus
JWST thermal vacuum chamber
ESA unveiled its BepiColombo probe July 6 in The Netherlands. Shown above is the  Mercury Transfer Module (sitting on top of a cone-shaped adapter, and with one folded solar array visible to the right); the Mercury Planetary Orbiter (with the folded solar array seen towards the left, with red protective cover), and the Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO).
The Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter's Sunshield and Interface Structure (MOSIF) that will protect the MMO during the cruise to Mercury is sitting on the floor to the right. Credit: ESA

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