Shay Har-Noy takes the helm at Edgybees
Spire Global reveals larger, new-gen 16U satellite bus
Spire selected to design satellite for DARPA experiment in very low orbit
First NorthStar SSA satellites to launch in 2023 by Virgin Orbit
NRO signs agreements with six commercial providers of space-based RF data
Spire to add ThrustMe propulsion to Lemur cubesats
Spire to host second optical payload for South Korea’s Hancom
Spire adding microwave sounders to improve weather forecasts
GeoOptics, PlanetIQ and Spire to supply NOAA with space weather data
Spire Global adding high-capacity Ku-band antennas to satellites
NASA to continue buying Earth-observation datasets
Virgin Orbit launches seven cubesats on third operational mission
Kepler plots relay network to serve thousands of satellite terminals
Virgin Orbit adds Spire satellite to next launch
Sure, there’s hype. But blockchain has concrete space applications
Spire CEO sees vast potential market for space data
Spire Global data to feed maritime-traffic algorithms
Spire and SpaceChain announce on-orbit blockchain demonstration
Spire snaps up exactEarth in first acquisition as a public company
Spire Global’s shares slip after first day of trading

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