NASA is looking to make structural testing facilities at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston available to users outside of the agency and has given interested parties an additional month to respond to a request for information the agency released about the opportunity.

Structural testing capabilities at Johnson include test labs and tools, and the expertise of NASA scientists and engineers who can analyze data and operations test equipment, according to an Oct. 30 NASA press release. Core areas include material properties, advanced manufacturing techniques research, and rapid prototyping or fabrication of aircraft, spaceflight vehicle systems and industrial structures, the press release said.

Those interested in using the facilities have until Dec. 5 to respond to NASA’s request. The deadline was extended from its original Nov. 5 date on Oct. 24, according to the request for information NASA posted online last month.

NASA said it expects to be reimbursed for the use of the Johnson testing facilities and the time its employees spend on any projects run there by outside users. Proposed tests must be consistent with the agency’s mission, NASA said in its press release. Facilities are available to other government agencies, academics and private users.