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In this concept image, a resource prospector rover searches for water ice on the lunar surface. Credit: NASA
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NASA Offers JSC Testing Facilities to Outside Users


NASA is looking to make structural testing facilities at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston available to users outside of the agency and has given interested parties an additional month to respond to a request for information the agency released about the opportunity.

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Michael Suffredini, Manager, International Space Station Program, NASA Johnson Space Center


Much has been made of the impending gap in U.S. human spaceflight capabilities when NASA retires its space shuttle fleet next year in the absence of an operational follow-on program. But ferrying people to and from the international space station is not the only capability at risk in the coming years: Development of commercial vehicles for delivering cargo to the orbital outpost also is behind schedule.

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Lawmakers Ask Obama To Visit Johnson Space Center


Both U.S. senators from Texas and 10 Houston-area House lawmakers wrote U.S. President Barack Obama April 20 inviting him to visit NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

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Coats Set To Tackle Challenging Agenda as JSC Director


Former space shuttle astronaut Michael Coats is ready to assume the management controls of NASA's key center for human spaceflight. In doing so, he must tackle a trio of thorny issues: flying out the shuttle program safely; satisfactorily completing the international space station; and developing a new generation of human space exploration systems.

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Billions at Stake in Competition For JSC Mission Control Contract


WASHINGTON -- Boeing and Lockheed Martin are going head-to-head for a multibillion-dollar NASA contract that will put one of the companies in charge of keeping Johnson Space Center's Mission Control Center and related training facilities up and running for the next four to six years.

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