Wyle qualified ultrasound procedures for diagnostic use aboard the international space station. Credit: PHOTO COURTESY OF WYLE INTEGRATED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING GROUP

NASA added $49 million to a contract with Houston-based Wyle Integrated Science and Engineering Group to continue supporting Johnson Space Center’s Human Health and Performance Directorate through April.

Under a $1.2 billion contract awarded in 2003, Wyle supports the international space station and Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle programs by providing medical services, developing hardware and technology, performing research and maintaining various facilities at the Houston-based field center, nearby Ellington Field and NASA’s White Sands Test Facility in New Mexico. The cost-plus award fee contract ends April 30. A competition is under way to award a follow-on Health and Human Performance Contract.

Wyle’s major subcontractors on the legacy contract include Lockheed Martin Space Operations, Barrios Technology Inc., Enterprise Advisory Services Inc., Bastion Technologies and Muniz Engineering Inc., all in Houston, and Futron Corp. of Bethesda, Md.