Linquest gets $500 million contract from U.S. Space Force for analysis support
Space Force extends Peraton’s contract for orbital analysis services
ManTech gets $20 million contract extension for Space Force launch systems engineering
DoD increases progress payments to contractors to shore up cash-strapped suppliers
Op-ed | Small businesses, beware of DoD technical support contracts
Air Force ‘hopeful’ Congress will support new strategy to phase out Russian rocket engines
Army rolls out new plan to modernize communications networks and weapons
Aerojet Gets $18M To Advance Electric-propulsion Work
Lockheed Gets Extension for ISS Logistics Support
GAO Denies Protest of TASC Geospatial Apps Contract
Iridium Teams Up with Telematics Solutions Firm
MDA To Supply Subsystem For Boeing-built Satellite

L-3 Wins 1st NGA Contract, Worth as Much as $218M


NGA has awarded L-3 Communications a contract worth as much as $218 million to operate and sustain the agency’s communication infrastructure.

Commercial ContractsMilitary SpaceNGA
SSL Takes Hispasat Contract Away from Orbital Sciences
U.S. Air Force Extends Lockheed Contract on Milstar, DSCS

NASA Puts $1 Billion Space Medicine Contract Out for Bids, Again


Wyle’s bioastronautics contract expired in April 2013, but dueling bid protests that began that spring have forced NASA to extend the deal through April 2015. 

Civil Commercial ContractsMissionsNASA
NASA Contract Puts Orbital’s Pegasus XL Back on the Board
Airbus Awarded ESA Contract To Build Orion Service Module
ViaSat-2 Launch Contract Goes to SpaceX as Arianespace Sits out Competition
Lockheed Martin Wins $62.9 Million SBIRS Contract Modification for Ground System Work

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