All.Space "smart terminal” was designed to link cellular and satellite networks. Credit: All.Space

SAN FRANCISCO – Isotropic Systems is changing its name to All.Space, as the British antenna manufacturer unveils its “fifth-generation smart terminal” to link cellular and satellite networks.

All.Space announced plans Aug. 1 to begin production in late 2022 of the new terminal, which is designed to connect networks “via multiple, simultaneous links,” according to the company based in Reading, England.

Last year, the British company announced successful field tests of its flat-panel antenna, after successfully connecting to fleet operator SES’s satellites in geostationary and medium Earth orbit at the same time.

Recently, All.Space concluded field tests with U.S. and U.K. government agencies as well as satellite operators to demonstrate antennas that linked satellites in low-Earth, medium-Earth and geostationary orbits.

Eutelsat and OneWeb recently agreed on a plan to merge their businesses to create a global multi-orbit satellite broadband operator. It was the latest sign that satellite communications firms are eager to establish constellations with satellites in multiple orbits.

With the growing importance of nongeostationary orbit constellations and high-throughput satellites, there is a “pressing need to connect satellites in different orbits,” John Finney, All.Space founder and CEO, said in a statement. “We have created the next chapter for the all-important ground segment.”

Finney added that the introduction of the new All.Space terminals “will be a catalyst for a whole new era of communications, defined by multiple full-performance connections, power and waveform integration, computing, resource control and intelligent routing that enables a range of value-added software-defined services.”

At the end of the year, All.Spaceplans to begin shipping its smart terminals “to a significant backlog of commercial and NATO defense customers,” according to the Aug. 1 news release.

Since the company then called Isotropic was founded in 2013, it has raised approximately $97 million, according to business information website Crunchbase. Investors include SES, Orbital Ventures, Boeing, Space Angels and Firmament Ventures.

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