Norway MoD
George Stafford, Blue Canyon president and chief executive, at the Small Satellite Conference at Utah State University in Logan, Utah Aug. 7, 2018. Credit: SpaceNews/Keith Johnson
Beau Jarvis, Phase Four's new chief revenue officer, previously worked at Planet refining  product features, the business plan and revenue generation.  He also was HawkEye360's chief revenue officer, leading early sales and marketing efforts. Credit: Phase Four
Projects like LEOSat's planned constellation of 84 broadband satellites in low Earth orbit are driving investments in flat panel antenna technology. Credit: Thales Alenia Space
Loon balloons carry LTE base stations to extend internet service to remote areas. This Loon is flying over New Zealand. Credit: Loon
Erwin Hudson, Vice President of Telesat LEO, said the operator's business plans center on a constellation with 292 satellites. Credit: Brian Berger/SpaceNews
Arianespace Soyuz O3b 13-16
FCC Ajit Pai
Credit: FCC
OW-V OneWeb Constellation