How humans react to living in
space for long periods of time will be the subject of the first Canadian
experiment on board the International Space Station.

Media are invited to a technical briefing on the experiment that will study
human reflexes in space. It is scheduled for a launch on March 8 during
Mission STS-102.

A visual demonstration of how the experiment will work and a visit through
the Canadian Space Agency’s new Operations Centre that will monitor
scientific experiments in the Space Station from the ground are also

Media representatives wishing to participate in the briefing by telephone
should reserve a line by calling (450) 926-4345.


WHAT Media briefing on the first Canadian scientific experiment on the
International Space Station

WHO Dr. Alan Mortimer, Director – Space Life Sciences Program, Canadian
Space Agency

Dr. Douglas Watt, Principal Investigator, Aerospace Medical
Research Unit, McGill University

Lawrence Vézina, Manager, Integration Modules, Canadian Space

WHEN Friday, March 2, 2001

10 a.m.

Canadian Space Agency

6767, route de l’Aéroport

Saint-Hubert, Québec



Anna Kapiniari

Manager, Media and Public Relations

Canadian Space Agency

Tel.: (450) 926-4345