DB Consulting Group Inc. of Silver Spring, Md., stands to receive around $50 million a year under a NASA contract announced Nov. 12 to provide information technology and multimedia support services at the U.S. space agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The new Information Technology and Multimedia Services contract has a maximum value of $251.5 million and consists of a three-year base performance period worth $150.5 million and two one-year options valued at $50.5 million each. If both options are exercised, the contract would extend into January 2017.

NASA said the services to be provided are primarily under the management of Johnson’s Information Resources Directorate with participation by the Office of External Relations.

The services include operation and maintenance of primary information technology services; graphics; library management; imagery acquisition, processing and cataloguing; television systems support for human spaceflight missions; public affairs services including creative content for NASA Television, live mission television, multimedia and the public Internet; and education program support.