St-Hubert, Quebec – November 3, 2003 – The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and
the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS) today announced
the creation of a new program that will fund Canadian University space
researchers and encourage them to build industry alliances.

The $350,000 CSA-IRIS Cooperation Program will provide academic researchers
in Canada with one year funding to investigate new research opportunities in
advanced intelligent systems technologies in space telerobotics and

“The Canadian Space Agency is proud to support the research and development
of emerging space telerobotics and telemedicine technologies through this
initiative with IRIS,” said CSA President Marc Garneau. “The projects chosen
through this Program will have the potential to develop into larger targeted
research efforts benefiting Canada’s space industry.”

“The CSA-IRIS Cooperation Program is open to all academic researchers in
Canada who meet the general eligibility criteria. The Call for Studies has
been issued with a deadline of December 1, 2003. Award recipients will be
announced in March 2004. All studies will be completed by March 2005. For
more information or to submit a project proposal, please visit

“This Program will promote and strengthen the space industry’s connection to
the university research community – a win-win situation for both sides,”
said Anthony T. Eyton, President of Precarn Incorporated and Director of
IRIS. “It will also provide an opportunity for high-level Canadian
university scientists and engineers to remain in Canada to perform world
class Research & Development.”

The CSA-IRIS Cooperation Program is funded by the Canadian Space Agency and
the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) Program and will be administered
by IRIS. The CSA will contribute $200,000 to this initiative, with IRIS
contributing the remaining $150,000 through Precarn Incorporated, the agent
responsible for the management and delivery of the program.

About the Canadian Space Agency
Established in 1989 with its Headquarters situated in St-Hubert, Quebec, the
CSA is responsible for the overall national civilian space program. The CSA
coordinates programs supporting Earth and the Environment, Space Science,
Human Presence in Space, Satellite Communications, Space Technology, Space
Qualification Services, Space Awareness and Education. The CSA is at the
forefront of the development and application of space knowledge for the
benefit of Canadians and humanity.

About Precarn Incorporated and IRIS (Institute for Robotics and Intelligent

Precarn is a national, member-owned industrial consortium that funds,
coordinates and promotes collaborative research conducted by industry,
university and government researchers. With support from Industry Canada,
other federal departments and provincial government agencies, Precarn plays
a key role in Canada’s growing intelligent systems sector.

Through its management of the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems
(IRIS) and its ties to both large and small companies through membership and
relationship building, the Precarn network encompasses the best that Canada
has to offer.

Founded in 1990, the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS)
is a national network of centres of world-class research expertise,
comprising over 90 researchers and over 100 students in 16 universities
across Canada and 2 in the U.S. IRIS focuses on collaborative research that
addresses challenges and opportunities of interest to Canadian industry.
Outputs include intelligent machines, vision systems and software tools, and
most importantly, a continuous stream of highly qualified graduates.

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Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS)
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