NASA said July 11 it is looking for an industry partner to maintain at its own expense a hangar full of nondestructive test and evaluation (NDE) equipment that has not been getting much use since the agency retired its space shuttle fleet in 2011.

Located near Kennedy Space Center on the grounds of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., Hangar N and its associated labs are equipped for troubleshooting and performing failure analysis on spaceflight hardware and avionics and ground support equipment.

NASA posted a request for information on its procurement website July 5 to identify potential partners and concepts for the operations and maintenance of Hangar N and its NDE equipment. Interested parties have until July 31 to respond.

Meanwhile, Kennedy Space Center signed an agreement in June to turn over another idle facility, the Shuttle Logistic Depot, to a small Florida company called Craig Technologies that plans to use the sprawling facility come 2013 to expand its manufacturing capabilities.



NASA Picks Small Fla. Firm as Caretaker for Shuttle-era Equipment