Saint-Hubert, November 13, 2001-Canadian Space Agency President Mac Evans
was awarded NASA’s Distinguished Public Service Medal, the highest honour
conferred to non-Americans, in a private ceremony in Washington on 31
October 2001.

NASA Administrator Dan Goldin presented Mac Evans with the medal in
recognition of his outstanding efforts to promote partnerships between the
US and Canadian space programs. With a career that has spanned 35 years of
dedication to the Canadian Space Program, Mac Evans was instrumental in
negotiating Canada’s role in the International Space Station. Mr. Evans was
a key architect of the Canadian Space Program from 1985 through to the year
2009, the RADARSAT Program, which gave rise to Canada’s first remote-sensing
satellite, the Canadian Astronaut Program, as well as the legislation that
created the Canadian Space Agency. Appointed President of the Canadian Space
Agency in 1994, Mac Evans will be retiring from the Canadian Public Service
on November 21, 2001.

“The honour bestowed on Mac Evans by NASA recognizes his vision and
commitment to excellence in leading the Canadian space community and
industry to expand the reaches of Canadian expertise and to forge ahead with
innovative technologies, applications and scientific endeavours to benefit
humanity,” said the Honourable Brian Tobin, Minister of Industry and
Minister responsible for the Canadian Space Agency. “Mr. Evans played a
pivotal role in spearheading Canadian technology, such as Canadarm2 and the
International Space Station’s Mobile Base System-critical elements in the
largest science and engineering project ever undertaken, paving the way for
the conduct of science and research aboard this unique microgravity space
based platform.”

“I am particularly honoured to receive this distinction, which I accept on
behalf of all the women and men who, on a daily basis, work towards
strengthening alliances between our two space agencies,” said Mac Evans.
“Their efforts will continue to advance our exploration of new frontiers in
space; the relationships they forge will continue to advance the spirit of
international cooperation on earth.”

NASA’s Public Service Medal rewards outstanding achievements in support of
NASA’s space missions. The dedication on Mac Evans’s medal reads: “For
dedicated and exceptional efforts in support of U.S./Canadian cooperation in

About the Canadian Space Agency

Established in 1989 and headquartered in Saint-Hubert, Quebec, the Canadian
Space Agency coordinates all aspects of the Canadian Space Program. Through
its Space Knowledge, Applications and Industry Development business line,
the CSA delivers services involving: Earth and the Environment; Space
Science; Human Presence in Space; Satellite Communications; Generic Space
Technologies; Space Qualification Services and Awareness. The Canadian Space
Agency is at the forefront of the development and application of space
knowledge for the benefit of Canadians and humanity.

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