St. Hubert, 25 April 2001 – The maneuver dubbed as the first Canadian
robotic handshake in space has been put on hold as flight controllers
evaluate a computer problem onboard the International Space Station.
Canadarm2 is still activated with prime power and remains fully operational.
The computer difficulties concern the Space Station’s systems, and are
unrelated to Canadarm2.

Canadarm2 would have handed its pallet back to the Shuttle’s robotic arm for
return to Earth today. The maneuver has been postponed until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the STS-100 and Expedition Two crews continued to transfer
equipment and supplies from the Raffaello Multi-Purpose Logistics Module to
the Station. The transfer is now running ahead of schedule.

Media Program for 26 April 2001 (Flight Day 8)

  • 6:40 am EDT (TBC): Canadarm2 manoeuvres Space Lab Pallet into position
  • 8:40 am EDT (TBC): Canadarm2 handoff to Canadarm
  • Afternoon (TBC): Canadarm2 dry run of STS-104 Airlock installation task

  • Afternoon (TBC ): NASA Status Briefing on the day’s activities. The CSA’s
    Benoit Marcotte, Director, Operations Engineering, will participate in the
    briefing. Media at JSC and CSA will be invited to ask questions.

    Note: NASA has decided they did not require to use the contingency EVA.

    Media are invited to attend both at JSC and at the CSA, and may ask
    questions in
    both locations.

    CSA spokespersons will be available for interviews at the Johnson Space
    Center in Houston, Texas, at the CSA’s headquarters in Saint-Hubert, Quebec,
    and by phone upon request.


    For more information, contact:
    Media Relations Office
    Canadian Space Agency
    Tel.: (450) 926-4345 or 4370
    Fax: (450) 926-4352
    Mission STS-100 Website: