Longueuil, Quebec, January 13, 2005 – Canada’s Space community is
collaborating with space nations to provide satellite images critical to
rescue and humanitarian efforts. Images taken before and after south Asia’s
devastating earthquake and tsunami on December 26 clearly show the
consequences that have claimed over 150,000 lives and ravaged coastlines in
several countries.

“Canada’s RADARSAT images are providing critical data to emergency rescue
and humanitarian agencies to help them better assess the impact of the
tsunami and speed relief to those most in need. Through participation in the
International Charter, Canada has dedicated RADARSAT and expertise in
service to humanity,” said Canadian Space Agency (CSA) President Marc

The CSA’s role as coordinator of the International Charter for Space and
Major Disasters, is to manage the dispatch of satellites to capture images
of coastal areas of countries affected by the Asian tsunami. The Charter
brings together space agencies who wish to provide ready and immediate
access to Earth observation data to countries and organizations that are
responding to major disasters. Current members include the European, French,
Canadian, and Argentinian space agencies as well as the Indian Space
Research Organization, and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Canadian space industry partners have also made a substantial contribution
to Canada’s support of the relief efforts. RADARSAT International of
Richmond, B.C. has expedited comparative RADARSAT images, and Dendron of
Ottawa, has compiled and developed satellite images that clearly demonstrate
the impact of the disaster.

To date, 24 RADARSAT images have been provided to disaster charter
activations. To view these, please visit the CSA website at
http://www.space.gc.ca. Images provided by all nations in support of the
tsunami disaster relief effort may be viewed on the International Charter
website at http://www.disasterscharter.org.

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