Washington, D.C. March 1, 2007 – Arianespace announced today that it will launch the SPACEWAY 3 communications satellite for Hughes   
An Ariane 5 launch vehicle will deliver SPACEWAY 3 to Geostationary Transfer Orbit from Europe’s Spaceport at the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana, in August of 2007.
Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes) will operate the all Ka-band SPACEWAY 3 satellite as part of its new broadband satellite network that will provide multimedia services throughout North America. Its unique design incorporates on-board switching and spot beams, which will enable on-demand services. Built by Boeing Satellites Systems, Inc., SPACEWAY 3 will weigh approximately 6 000 kg at lift-off. 
“This is a very exciting time for Hughes,” said Pradman KAUL, Chairman and CEO of Hughes. “With the launch of SPACEWAY 3, Hughes will enter a new era as a satellite system operator, augmenting our market leadership in delivering broadband satellite services worldwide. We are confident that Arianespace will provide a reliable launch service and eagerly anticipate providing new, value-added solutions to our customers in the coming months.”
Arianespace CEO Jean-Yves LE GALL said, “We are honored that Hughes has found Arianespace’s offer of launch Service & Solutions to be a convincing choice. Arianespace’s SPACEWAY 3 mission for Hughes will launch robust new broadband communications services delivered via satellite across North America.”
About Hughes Network Systems

Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES) is the global leader in providing broadband satellite networks and services for large enterprises, governments, small businesses, and consumers. HughesNet™ encompasses all broadband solutions and managed services from Hughes, bridging the best of satellite and terrestrial technologies. To date, Hughes has shipped more than 1.2 million systems to customers in over 100 countries. Its broadband satellite products are based on the IPoS (IP over Satellite) global standard, approved by the TIA, ETSI, and ITU standards organizations.
Headquartered outside Washington, D.C., in Germantown, Maryland, USA, Hughes maintains sales and support offices worldwide. Hughes is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hughes Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: HUGH). For additional information, please visit www.hughes.com.
About Arianespace

Arianespace is the commercial launch Service & Solutions leader, holding more than 50 percent of the international market for satellites launched to geostationary transfer orbit (GTO).  Created in 1980 as the world’s first commercial space transportation company, Arianespace has signed contracts for the launch of more than 280 satellite payloads.  For further information, see the Arianespace Web site at www.arianespace.com.

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