Arianespace’s revised OneWeb contract drops Ariane 6, two Soyuz launches
Intelsat taps Maxar for fifth C-band satellite, capping order spree 
Vega C debut slips to mid-2021
Arianespace launches Vega on return-to-flight mission with 53 smallsats
Arianespace lofts three spacecraft in first Ariane 5 launch since start of pandemic 
Ariane 5 launch on July 28 • Teledyne logs OneWeb revenue dip
Eumetsat shifts two tardy satellites to Ariane 6
Commercial launch industry off to slow start in 2020
Ariane 6 maiden flight likely slipping to 2021
Guiana Space Center launches to resume in June
OneWeb falls back to Earth
Synspective shifts launch of first satellite to Rocket Lab
Russia suspends Soyuz rocket production amid coronavirus
Avio, exempt from Italy’s coronavirus lockdown, seeks reopening of French Guiana spaceport
Soyuz launches 34 OneWeb satellites

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