UAE’s Falcon Eye 2 satellite switched from Vega to Soyuz
Arianespace could launch record 22 missions in 2020
ESA selects Arianespace for Euclid dark universe probe launch
Arianespace launches ESA’s CHEOPS satellite to study exoplanets
Swiss startup ClearSpace wins ESA contract to deorbit Vega rocket debris
Globalstar borrows $199M with EchoStar’s help • Measat buys Ariane 5 launch
Ariane 5 launches satellites for Egypt, Inmarsat
OneWeb’s first big deployment launch slips to January
Arianespace targets 2023 for lunar Ariane 6 rideshare mission
SpaceX says rideshare missions will launch on time, even if partly empty
Smallsat launch services feel pricing pressure
Launch companies look to government customers for stability
Arianespace reveals manifest, notes launch market variety
Second stage blamed as Vega targets early 2020 return to flight
SpaceX loses Falcon Heavy customer Ovzon to Arianespace
Big rockets cutting in as little launchers vie for smallsat business

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