Next batch of OneWeb satellites arrive in India for launch
New launch vehicles inch towards the pad
Arianespace and OneWeb reach settlement for suspended launches
Ariane 5 launches Konnect VHTS satellite for Eutelsat
Maxar receives delayed Ovzon 3 satellite parts
Vega C lifts off on maiden flight
Avio gets pandemic recovery funds to develop launchers for the 2030s
Ovzon needs to piggyback another Ariane 5 ride for late 2022 launch
First Ariane 5 flight of 2022 launches two satellites for Asia-Pacific
Ariane 6 launch debut pushed into 2023
Avio Q&A: Powering the growth trajectory
First Ariane 5 of 2022 slated for June launch of Measat-3d and GSAT-24
Vega C to launch Sentinel-1C in 2023
Amazon launch contracts drive changes to launch vehicle production
Amazon signs multibillion-dollar Project Kuiper launch contracts
Arianespace and SpaceX work to adjust launch manifests
OneWeb leaves Baikonur Cosmodrome after Roscosmos ultimatum
Russia-Ukraine war raises questions for upcoming OneWeb launches
Russia halts Soyuz launches from French Guiana
Arianespace looks to transitions of vehicles and business in 2022

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