WASHINGTON — The U.S. Missile Defense Agency has awarded Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control of Dallas a $124 million fixed-price contract to provide ground components for the Theater High Altitude Area Defense System (THAAD), according to an Aug. 7 announcement from the Pentagon. The components include THAAD launchers, support equipment and spare parts.

Each THAAD system includes a truck-mounted launcher, interceptor missiles, an AN/TPY-2 tracking radar and an integrated fire control system. The interceptor, designed primarily for overseas deployment to protect against regional threats, is capable of engaging missile threats both inside and outside the atmosphere.

Lockheed Martin is under contract for five THAAD batteries with the U.S. Army. In September, the company received a $3.9 billion production contract to produce THAAD elements for the MDA and the United Arab Emirates.

The THAAD system has had 11 successful intercepts in 11 attempts since 2005 according to a Lockheed Martin press release. The system experienced a rash of test failures before then and the program was restructured.

The work on the latest contract is expected to be completed by August 2017, the announcement said.

Mike Gruss covers military space issues, including the U.S. Air Force and Missile Defense Agency, for SpaceNews. He is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.