Phase 1 Gateway Lockheed Martin
This is an aerial photo of the U.S. Air Force Space Surveillance Network on Kwajalein Atoll slated for initial operations in late 2019. Credit: Lockheed Martin
Arabsat-6A is the first commercial satellite slated to launch on SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket. Credit: Jordan Sirokie for SpaceNews.
Vector filed a lawsuit April 5 against Lockheed Martin,
claiming the aerospace giant infringed on three patents related to
GalacticSky, Vector’s software-defined satellite technology. This
image shows Vector’s GalacticSky-1 prototype in the company’s clean
room. It is slated to launch this year. Credit: Vector
Elias Rodriguez puts the finishing touches on the Lockheed Martin full-scale mockup of its Orion space capsule April 8 before its unveiling at the 35th Space Symposium at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Keith Johnson/SpaceNews)
Lockheed Martin expanded its business line when it introduced Vector by Lockheed Martin, the aerospace prime contractor's first fragrance. Credit: Lockheed Martin
SSTL Telesat LEO satellite graphic
Delta 4 Heavy NROL-71 Vandenberg launch
Harris Corp. built the primary carbon observation sensor for Japan's Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite-2, launched in October on a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries H2A rocket. Credit: JAXA artist's concept
Through GOES Rebroadcast, NOAA transmits full-resolution calibrated images and data to customers, like the images from Harris Corp.'s Advanced Baseline Imager shown here. This is the type of service that could be handled by commercial communications firms in the future. Credit: Harris
SpaceX Festivus GPS 3 Falcon 9
Lockheed Martin McCandless Lunar Lander
RBC Signals map

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