Lockheed Martin completes production of SBIRS GEO-5 satellite to be launched in 2021
To boost its military space business, Lockheed Martin turns to commercial players
Satellite manufacturers remain upbeat about market in spite of challenges presented by pandemic
Lockheed Martin shifts U.K. launch site
Lockheed Martin executives commend ULA for fighting back against SpaceX
NASA awards contracts for lunar technologies and ice prospecting payload
U.S. Space Command to begin testing the last satellite of the AEHF-MILSTAR constellation
Lockheed Martin enlists Tyvak and Telesat for Space Development Agency contract
Lockheed Martin, York Space to produce 20 satellites for Space Development Agency
Blue Origin team delivers lunar lander mockup to NASA
Lockheed Martin teams with USC and Momentus on cubesat program
NASA’s inspector general criticizes Orion cost accounting
Two payloads qualified for U.S. Space Force early warning satellites
Lockheed Martin wins DARPA contract to integrate Blackjack satellites
Lockheed Martin beginning to feel impact of pandemic

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