Lockheed Martin mulls electronically steered antennas for Verge ground station expansion
Reprogrammable satellites make cybersecurity more critical, experts say
Lockheed Martin offers architecture for 2024 human lunar landing
Indian anti-satellite test proves early test for Space Fence
Arabsat CEO: Falcon Heavy gives our satellite extra life
Vector isn’t eager for legal fight with Lockheed Martin
Lunar habitat and rocket engines on display this year at Space Symposium
Lockheed Martin bottles scent of space
FIRST UP Satcom | Telesat inks first LEO customer, LeoSat gains customer agreement
What happens to technology, talent when startups fail?
Lockheed Martin projects decline in space profits in 2019 due to ULA
International focus on greenhouse gas monitoring satellites, sensors
Lockheed Martin halts work on GOES-T to wait for instrument fix
SpaceX launches first GPS 3 satellite
NASA selects nine companies for commercial lunar lander program
Amazon-Lockheed venture casts shadow on ground station startups

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