NASA Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot, left, and Roscosmos Director Igor Komarov at the
World Space Congress in Australia on Sept. 25. (Credit: IAF via Flickr)
ispace lander
Trump SPD-1 signing
Trump NSC signing
An illustration of NASA's proposed Deep Space Gateway in orbit around the moon. Credit: NASA
Bigelow/ULA lunar depot
Blue Moon
LRO in orbit
MX-1E Moon Express
Long March 5
MX-1E Moon Express
An artist's depiction of a lunar base, sometimes called a moon village. A moon village would provide a great initial market for lunar miners. Credit: Wikicommons
MX-1E Moon Express
China’s robotic circumlunar test flight in 2014 snapped this image of the moon with Earth in the distance. Credit: Chinese Academy of Sciences

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