Astronaut Harrison Schmitt collects lunar rake samples during the Apollo 17 mission. Credit: NASA
Meyerson Blue Moon
Robert Walker, the former U.S. congressman and Trump space adviser, had the unenviable task of bringing order to a panel discussion involving the leaders of 15 of the world’s space agencies. Credit: Tom Kimmell
SpaceX announced plans to send two people on a commercial mission around the moon as soon as 2018, aboard a version of its Dragon 2 spacecraft. Credit: SpaceX
China’s Yutu rover was delivered to the lunar surface during the Chang’e-3 mission. Credit: CNSA
lockheed martin cislunar outpost
Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos poses in front of his rocket. Credit: Blue Origin
SLS versus Falcon Heavy
Falcon heavy launch
SpaceIL lander
An illustration of the Audi Lunar Quattro rover that PT Scientists plans to send to the moon to win the Google Lunar X Prize. Credit: PT Scientists
The Nov. 14 supermoon over Washington. Credit: NASA
Moon Express's MX-1 lander. Credit: Moon Express artist's concept
SpaceIL lander

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